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Atlas of Tongue Diagnosis

Atlas of Tongue Diagnosis

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ISBN 9787117099608
Publisher People's Medical Publishing House
Publication Date 1st edition, 2008
Pages 149 pages, paperback
Product Dimensions 0.2 x 6.8 x 9 inches
Language English




Book title:

Atlas of Tongue Diagnosis
Author: Ding Chenghua; Sun Xiaogang
Publisher: People's Medical Publishing House, 10/2008
Language: English
Format: Paperback, 235 X 175 mm, 149 pp
ISBN: 9787117099608

In order to become proficient in the art of tongue diagnosis, the practitioner must be able to recognize and identify the pathological characteristics of the tongue as it relates to disease. This book provides over 200 color pictures of tongues along with description and disease differentiation.

Utilizing over 200 full-color photos of tongue pathologies and a practical, concise text, this work explains the application and significance of tongue presentation in the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases. Chapter 1 explores fundamentals of tongue diagnosis, including the relationship of the tongue to the organs, channels, qi, blood, and fluids; important markers in diagnosis, and a comparison of the tongue reflecting normal and pathological states. Chapter 2 covers diagnosis of tongue quality, e.g., vitality, color, shape, condition, and vessel appearance. Chapter 3 covers diagnosis of the tongue coating, including qualities and colors of the coating. Chapter 4 elucidates the clinical significance of tongue diagnosis and its clinical application to diseases of the various zang fu.


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